Schedule a Machine's Maintenance

We know how important machines are for your business and HarvestYield can help you track your machines' costs by logging refuel, repair and maintenance items seemlesly.

This guide will show you how to schedule a service maintenance for a machine in a few simple steps.

Here's what we are going to do

New log item

Let's get started

Step 1

Click on the "New" link from the "Machine Logs" menu

New log item click

Step 2

Select a vehicle or implement from the "Machine" dropdown menu.

New log item click 2

Step 3

Select "Service" from the "Log type" dropdown.

New log item click 3

Step 4

Select "Scheduled" from the "Status" dropdown.

New log item click 4

Step 5

Enter the service description and part number i.e. "Engine Oil Filter Change" and "068 710 1" respectively and click on the "Create Machine Log Item" button

New log item filled form

Step 6

Well done! You have scheduled your first machine maintenance!